No More Turning Away: Letters of Reference

"It challenged all of us"

Your presentation is riveting and challenged all of us to think and to act.

S. Badali, J. Madden, A. Abbott
Father Henry Carr Secondary School, Etobicoke, ON

“It moves the viewer to respond”

I highly recommend NO MORE TURNING AWAY for any school, church or community organization. It moves the viewer to respond to the suffering in our world.

J. Colli
Denis Morris High School, St. Catharines, ON

“A powerful vehicle”

NO MORE TURNING AWAY is a powerful vehicle for youth and adults to experience the injustice of hunger and poverty through multimedia.

A. Bartley
Youth Ministry Office, Diocese of London, ON

“The audience was deeply moved”

The presentation was appropriate for a multitude of subject areas. The audience was deeply moved and the message was clear.

F. Wallace
Prince Andrew High School, Dartmouth, NS

“A totally motivating presentation”

We used NO MORE TURNING AWAY as the kick off of our food drive. Because of Spectrum’s totally motivating presentation, our school of 1000 raised more than 8000 food items! It was incredible to see this happening, everyone concerned and caring for others. This is the most food items our school has ever raised.

The Social Issues Club
Bradford District High School, Bradford, ON

“Thank you for your efforts”

Thank you for presenting NO MORE TURNING AWAY at our first annual Starvathon. Through your efforts and those of our students, we were able to raise more than $5,000 for the poor of Guatemala, the Warehouse of Hope and two local youth agencies.

A. Laforet
St. Francis Secondary School, St. Catharines, ON

“It motivated us to become even more involved”

NO MORE TURNING AWAY has motivated the school to become even more involved in doing our part. Within the next 2 weeks we will engage in a winter boots, jackets and sweaters collection blitz. These will be donated to local charity as well as organizations in Calgary, where there is tremendous need..

P. Foretell
County Central High School, Vulcan, AB

“I highly recommend this presentation”

NO MORE TURNING AWAY was brought in to inform and energize the school community in connection with 2 justice projects: the signing of the Jubilee Petition and a Think Fast. The combined impact of the music, the images and the words was that the audience felt empowered to take on these difficult and complex issues.

I would highly recommend this presentation to any group looking to raise the awareness of young people surrounding justice issues in our world.

T. Charrette
St. Patrick’s High School, Sarnia, ON

“It made them feel proud”

Thank you again for your moving and thought-provoking presentation. Our school has been involved in local, national and international efforts to relieve some of the hunger, poverty and injustice felt by millions of people around the world. Your presentation was a booster for awareness, a confirmation of purpose for others, and, even though we have much more we can do, for many it made them feel proud of what we have accomplished.

W. Cock
West Pictou District High School, NS

“A real impact”

Thanks again for coming to the college. It has had a real impact on numerous students.

G. Boyes
Emmanuel College, Kitchener, ON

“It encourages students to care”

Thank you for coming to our Club. I am sure that this program will go a long way in encouraging students to care about poverty and hunger in our world.

V. J. Hill
Rotary Club of Kincardine

“A fabulous media presentation for schools”

Thank you for taking the time and travelling to London to present your fabulous media presentation for schools! It created quite a buzz at our club and was very well received. Your visuals are very powerful and, hopefully, will motivate young people to action.

J. Fisher, vice president
Rotary Club of London South

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